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Physics at Covenant College? Science with a Reformed edge! If you are serious about your Christianity, and you think physics may be your calling, you should investigate Covenant College. We cannot describe the difference fully here, but suffice it to say that along with the thorough grounding in a Reformed worldview that the overall program of the college provides, we in the physics department make it a point to introduce you to all that the Reformed tradition has to offer concerning our understanding of science. Best of all? Science is a legitimate calling for Christians to pursue wholeheartedly! We do not all have to be pastors and missionaries to fulfill God's purposes. Some of us are called to study God's creation using our God-given talents in mathematics and physics, and we get to have fun while doing so! If you find yourself drawn to mathematics or physics, and are committed to a Reformed worldview, come to Covenant College, and follow your calling!




Older News:

  • For her SIP in physics, Rosemary Shelden created a Quantum Rap, which is a great intro to Quantum Mechanics, on YouTube!  Check it out! 
  • Physics students and Dr. Broussard publish a paper in the Journal of Applied Physics. See the article on here or at JAP here.
  • Dr. Petcher gave a talk at the American Scientific Affiliation conference 2011 entitled "Quantum Openness and the Sovereignty of God", a recording of which can be found here and slides here.  He also read a paper that summer entitled "Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Openness in Creation" at the Future of Creation Order conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Dr. Petcher presents a seminar at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore!
  • Dr. Petcher published a chapter called "Calvinism and Science" in the volume Calvin and Culture: Exploring a Worldview (P&R Publishing).
  • Dr. Broussard receives large research grant! Here is the research page.
  • Dr. Petcher is co-author of Science and Grace, a book about Science and Theology.


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